Chicken Whisperer Jr’s Guide to Chickens

First 60 days: Raising Chicks
Brooder- a box or pen that provides a warm, dry home for new chicks during their first weeks of their life. It contains a fresh and continuous supply of food and water and protect from predators.

A brooder consists of several parts:
• Container
• Heat Source
• Waterer
• Feeder
• Bedding
• Thermometer

Your chicks live in the brooder, which is frequently indoors but always somewhere temperature-controlled, until they are full feathered. They usually get their feathers between six and eight weeks of their life. A brooder does not have to be fancy. Things that you could change into brooders are: wood, a kiddy pool, a plastic or rubber storage bin, a cardboard box, and so on. You could also just purchase a commercial brooder or just buy one.

When you get your new chicks you need to spend time with them and play with them. When you spend time with your chicks they start to get used to you and get less scared of humans. You should also let them adventure around so they can explore their new world and get some exercise. While the chicks are young let them roam around their new coop so that they get used to it. Let your chicks roam around stiks and let them go in the grass so they can get used to their surroundings.

After 60 days: raising chickens

Chickens will eat more food than it needs if you give it to much. The average chicken usually eats ¼ cup each time you feed them and you should probably feed them once in the morning and once in the evening. I always think more food they eat more poop to clean. You should clean their coop every week or every other week. You can recycle your chicken poop by composting. Don’t put the poop in you garden because its not good for the plant, you have to compost it first.
Around 6 months after the chicks are born they start laying their eggs,and you expect to have a nice big egg the first time they lay an egg. The first egg that chickens lay is very small. A couple days after their first egg they become bigger and bigger. You should check 3 times a day for eggs early in the morning around noon and a bit before you go to bed.


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